Thursday, July 24, 2014

Amor Eterno Arte presents Dosayan Artwork by Luis Marroquin

Amor Eterno Arte presents
Solo art exhibition
Luis Marroquin
Opening Reception: Saturday August 9th 7pm-11pm
Exhibition dates: August 9th – September 30th

Dosayan is an indigenous, Northern Philippine word for the act of reclining on a wooden surface, when someone enters an introspective mood. It is sung to the creator sky god Kabuniyan as a prayer for peace and unity. 

Luis Marroquin presents a body of work of carved skateboards and their physical prints. These intricately carved skateboards transcend into another life. Inspired by the energy that surrounds us, Luis explores natural, ancestral, and human images. The skateboards disappear into warm wooden women inset with precious stones reminding us of our origin. Mayan bats, the four directions and images of Pakal, the Mayan intergalactic ruler, reveal a living culture that is grounded in the spirit. 

Luis is an essential catalyst in our East Bay and SF communities. Not only is an artist, Luis is a voice and organizer for the real need that affect our children and elders. Dosayan, a prayer for peace and unity, flows through Luis’ work. Precious stones and mementos inset in each skateboard where chosen from a lifetime of experiences with family, the community and artist friends sharing their creativity. Luis explores balance and what that means to us surrounded by the injustices of our consumerism drowned society.

Owen Brand Designs has collaborated with Luis providing rare precious stones and fossils. In addition to the inset stones, Owen has furthered the life of Luis’ skateboards by creating jewelry from the carved scraps of wood.

The opening reception on August 9th will host a raffle for Mission Graduates. Mission Graduates is a nonprofit organization that increases the number of K-12 students in San Francisco’s Mission District who are prepared for and complete a college education. For 40 years, Mission Graduates (MG) has been an important institution in San Francisco’s Mission District–an ethnically mixed, low-income community, where per capita income is just $13,951. The raffle will feature a original carved skateboard and prints by Luis Marroquin, and a gift certificate for tattoo time with Chamuco.

We are hella happy to have the sounds of East Bay’s Astralogik providing live music on August 9th. Astralogik is singer-songwriter, Charito Soriano, and Guitarist, Rowenalyn “FunkCH3N” Conlu. From Both Filipino-American women time-traveled into the present to share their unique musical journey filled with acoustical soul-liberating boundaries that are created in our life’s path of constant balance. Their live performance & music creates a timeless & entertaining journey — playing beautiful harmonic melodies about life, love, hip-hop, reggae, soul and everything in-between.

DJ Ollin from LIBRE CLTRA is back again and will be providing music to dance; cumbia and mashups! From LIBRE CLTRA emerged as a way of transmitting culture and conscience in the form of fashion. Our designs are inspired by the people of America; from Mapuches in Chile to Huicholes in the mountains of northern Mexico. Our goal is to promote and eventually collaborate with these communities since they are our roots. Our products are completely handmade with high quality materials in Oakland, California, always keeping in mind mother earth.

Mo'Shroom Edible Productions will be creating a special menu for Dosayan!! Come hungry for this fusion of food and art!!!

Detailed information + pricing please contact Amy George Cortez 

Sunday, July 13, 2014

Oldies Night in the Town at Amor Eterno

Oldies Night in the Town
East Bay's DJ Casper spinning oldies, street jams + doo wop
Saturday July 26th 7-11pm
Good food and cold drinks
Raffle for tattoo time with Chamuco, awesome local art and jewelry.
All proceeds benefit the Xicana Moratorium $10 at the door

The Xicana Moratorium is a celebration commemorating one of the largest historical anti-war protests of the Chicano Movement on August 29th 1970. The Xicana Moratorium hosts a free community celebration in San Antonio Park including speakers, community resources, vendors, artists, food, kids activities, dance contest and live music.

Amor Eterno Arte
1227 18th Ave
East Oakland Califas

Saturday, October 19, 2013

Amor Eterno at the Oakland Museum of California

 We (Amy + Sal) would like to invite you to the Days of the Dead Community Celebration at the Oakland Museum of California on Sunday, October 27th

We have been asked to be a part of their three month long exhibit: 
The Tree of Life and Death: Días de los Muertos 2013. 
We are truly honored to be a part of this exhibit and be surrounded by such talented artists.

We created an altar, or ofrenda, in honor of Yemaya, the Goddess of the Sea.
Nuestra Señora De La Bahia, Our Mother of the Bay

Text from the exhibit..
“We are the string of beads making a significant and beautiful change to conserve and respect our Mother, our oceans, and our Earth.”

Like Days of the Dead, the West African Yoruba goddess Yemaya has been embraced and transformed by diverse cultures of the Americas. She is a mother goddess, associated with the seas and fertility. With this ofrenda, the artists honor the ever-evolving Yemaya and remind us of our responsibility to respect and care for the oceans and San Francisco Bay.

The artists have focused on environmental sustainability. They combine traditional trappings of Yemaya (starfish crown, pearls, the colors blue and white) with the vivid face painting of Days of the Dead sugar skulls and the elegant geometric designs of Buddhist mandala paintings. They incorporate the kind of garbage that now pollutes Oakland’s Damon Slough, a critical wetland that once covered over 200,000 acres and has now been reduced to a mere 72 acres. The artists also highlight beads in their ofrenda. Alone, a bead is not much, but when strung together, beads become more significant and beautiful. In a similar way, our individual actions, taken day after day for a lifetime, can add up to so much and go a long way toward preserving the life of our Bay.  

From OMCA: 

“As part of the Community Celebration there will be craft activities, tasty food, dance and music groups, colorful ofrendas, and ceremonia bring the community together for this healing tradition. Watch demonstrations of traditional Mesoamerican arts and cooking, and buy Days of the Dead merchandise by local artisans for your home altar from the mercado.”

There will be admission to the museum which includes access to the exhibit.
General $15
Seniors and Students $10
Youth, ages 9–17 $6
Children ages 8 and under FREE

Sunday October 27th
Noon - 4:30pm
1000 Oak St
Oakland, CA 94607

We had the chance to talk with Oakland Local about the exhibit: 

On Sunday, October 20th We will be on KPFA with Pedro Reyes for Settin The Standard talking about The Tree of Life and Death. Stay tuned! 

Amor Eterno Tattoo + Art Space 
1227 18th Ave
Oakland Califas

Love is All - Kerouac

Tuesday, October 1, 2013

Homegirls Saturday October 5th a thrilling art exhibit that celebrates and explores the Chola culture!!

Curated by Mayra Ramirez 
  Opening Reception: Saturday October 5th, 2013 7-11pm
Hip sounds, oldies + street jams by Margarita “Soulera” Galvan + VinylRichie

El Taco Bike
Jamaica + Pepino Homemade Aguas Frescas
By The Rodriguez Familia
Local beer + wine.

ARTISTS: El Angel, Hector Fong, Keith Stone, Elrod, Chamuco, Mitsy Avila Ovalles, Ben Grillo, Jon Garza, Crystal Galindo, Lucky Hellcat, Ramon Felix, Jason McAfee, Joshua DeLeon, Nani Chacon, Rob Benavides, Abraham Ortega, Aztek Stylez.

“Homegirls” is a thrilling exhibit that celebrates and explores the aesthetics and history of the infamous “Chola” culture. In an era where identity and image are “cut and pasted” without thought, the Chola image has been replicated time and time again and so easily loses its true origins and meaning. This show is bringing together a group of cutting-edge visual artists from California, Arizona, and New Mexico to show their own interpretations of the culture while paying homage to the rich history of these queens of the barrio.

Originating during the 1940’s and continuing to today, the Chola lifestyle and image is based upon heritage, pride, and above all, respect. “Homegirls” sets to defy stereotypes and negative connotation by taking a complex and artistic look at the women whose looks have become so iconic. This show exemplifies the elements of Chola culture though the mediums of paint, digital graphics, traditional illustration and photography as presented by this collective of talented artists.

Chamuco working on his piece for Homegirls - Sitting In The Park

Photo by Ramon Felix
Model and our curator for Homegirls Mayra Ramirez

By Aztek Styles

By Joshua De Leon


Amor Eterno Tattoo + Art Space
1227 18th Ave. Oakland, Ca 94606
- Love is All - Jack Kerouac - 

Thursday, July 18, 2013

B-Side Myths: Sonja Dandy + Marie Scherping 08.10.13 8pm

Opening Reception 
Saturday August 10th 2013 8pm
Great Art Hot Music Cold Drinks Good Folks

Amor Eterno Tattoo + Art Space
1227 18th Ave Oakland Califas

Saturday, June 1, 2013

Amor Eterno 28 artists express their eternal love. Art exhibition and unveiling celebration of the new space!

Sal and I are unveiling Amor Eterno in it's new space, June 8th, with an art exhibition dedicated to Amor Eterno, eternal love. Celebrating our expansion we wanted include all the artists who supported us through our adventure. 28 of the brightest and hardest working artists in the East Bay give their interpretation of deep, unwavering and passionate love.

Sal and I named the shop Amor Eterno for so many reasons; our love for each other, our love for art and tattoos, and our love for our family and the community of Oakland. It is the love and support from our family, friends and clients who have made it possible for us to grow. Truly a testament to the empowerment of the community, that with love, anything is attainable. <3 amy

On Saturday June 8th we will have hot tacos, cold beer 
and DJ Casper spinning oldies, doo wop and street jams.

We are pleased to have an Aztec blessing at 7pm by 
Ollin Anahuac from Union City

Come celebrate art, Oakland and Amor Eterno.

** Sponsored by the amazing folks at The Roll UP Bicycle and Art Space!! 

by Renee Castro

Artists participating

Gary-Paul Barbosa Prince

Bryan Blanco

Renee Castro

Kimlyn Chun

Irene Takahashi-Coker

Justen Cortese

Salvador Chamuco Cortez

Sojna Dandy

Ken Davis

Octavio De La Paz

Angel Diaz

Paco Excel

Safety First

Jesse Foote

Bart Frescura

Chris Granillo

Xochtil Guerrero

Roberto Guerrero

Mike Hudgins

Teko Huerta

Aaron Jasper

Luis Marroquin

Jon Nagel

Joaquin Newman


Marie Scherping

Jerry Seguin

Ben Verhoek

Website made possible by

 Address is still the same for the new spot... 
just across the driveway at
1227 18th Ave Oakland Califas
Facebook Event Page

love is all.
jack kerouac

Monday, January 21, 2013

The start of a great year! Tattoos Art + Awareness

Hola Amor Eterno Tribe
Hope 2013 is being good to you!

Hella events goin' down in the next couple months.

Saturday February 9th is our first art exhibition of 2013! TRUTH 

New works by Irene Takahashi – Coker
Opening Celebration Saturday February 9th 8pm-Midnight
DJ Casper Spinin' Oldies, Street Jams + Doo Wop
Amor Eterno Tattoo + Art Space
1227 18th Ave Oakland Califas

Amor Eterno is dedicated to emerging artists. Be a witness to the artist breakthrough and watch the process flower. Takahashi-Coker is organic in its truest form, offering the viewer sharp realities in modern urban and native ancestral environments. Original photographs become graphite on paper.  Takahashi-Coker’s photo realism is skillful as it is uncomplicated. The eyes of her portraits tell truths in their gaze, capturing you by the struggle they witness. Amor Eterno will be featuring both photographs and graphite on paper. 

Artist Statement
Irene Takahashi-Coker

As a young artist, I'm not quite sure where this will take me but all I know is that it is a passion of mine. Art brings me true happiness. It is my outlet, my therapist and my teacher. I am very inspired by graffiti, portrait photography, tattoo art and other realism arts. I have always been an artist, following my mother's creative path, but have only recently started working with scientific realism still lifes and portraits. My hopes are to break free of some of the strict guidelines I've learned as a fundamental background to my art and create not only emotional pieces but statements as well while using the small details in my work to bring the picture to life. The portraits I like the most have some emotion or pain behind the eyes that tell a story and I try to stay as true to that as possible, as I see the eyes are what really make my portraits seem real. Small details like the wisp of the hair or texture on clothing also help keep the subjects true to life. I am dabbling in photography to hopefully expand my horizons and create my very own portraits from start to finish ("reflection" is my first 100% self created piece). I have recently started a tattoo apprenticeship hope to keep progressing as an artist through different medias such as graphite, photography and skin.
I want to thank Amor Eterno, Amy and Sal, for opening up their doors to help support my work. A special shout out to all my supporters, family and friends for motivating me and always showing me love and support for my artwork.


And as always our tattoo artists are killin it.... Spring appointments are starting to fill up fast! To make an appointment call Amor Eterno at 510.842.3620 or email

By Matt Klass

By Renee Castro

By Renee Castro 

By Ben Verhoek

By Ben Verhoek

By Ben Verhoek

Thanks so much for your support!
<3 Corazón
"Love is All" 
- Jack Kerouac
Amor Eterno Tattoo + Art Space
1227 18th Ave 
Oakland Califas 

Aaron Jasper, Chamuco's apprentice, learnin' the ropes