Saturday, October 19, 2013

Amor Eterno at the Oakland Museum of California

 We (Amy + Sal) would like to invite you to the Days of the Dead Community Celebration at the Oakland Museum of California on Sunday, October 27th

We have been asked to be a part of their three month long exhibit: 
The Tree of Life and Death: Días de los Muertos 2013. 
We are truly honored to be a part of this exhibit and be surrounded by such talented artists.

We created an altar, or ofrenda, in honor of Yemaya, the Goddess of the Sea.
Nuestra Señora De La Bahia, Our Mother of the Bay

Text from the exhibit..
“We are the string of beads making a significant and beautiful change to conserve and respect our Mother, our oceans, and our Earth.”

Like Days of the Dead, the West African Yoruba goddess Yemaya has been embraced and transformed by diverse cultures of the Americas. She is a mother goddess, associated with the seas and fertility. With this ofrenda, the artists honor the ever-evolving Yemaya and remind us of our responsibility to respect and care for the oceans and San Francisco Bay.

The artists have focused on environmental sustainability. They combine traditional trappings of Yemaya (starfish crown, pearls, the colors blue and white) with the vivid face painting of Days of the Dead sugar skulls and the elegant geometric designs of Buddhist mandala paintings. They incorporate the kind of garbage that now pollutes Oakland’s Damon Slough, a critical wetland that once covered over 200,000 acres and has now been reduced to a mere 72 acres. The artists also highlight beads in their ofrenda. Alone, a bead is not much, but when strung together, beads become more significant and beautiful. In a similar way, our individual actions, taken day after day for a lifetime, can add up to so much and go a long way toward preserving the life of our Bay.  

From OMCA: 

“As part of the Community Celebration there will be craft activities, tasty food, dance and music groups, colorful ofrendas, and ceremonia bring the community together for this healing tradition. Watch demonstrations of traditional Mesoamerican arts and cooking, and buy Days of the Dead merchandise by local artisans for your home altar from the mercado.”

There will be admission to the museum which includes access to the exhibit.
General $15
Seniors and Students $10
Youth, ages 9–17 $6
Children ages 8 and under FREE

Sunday October 27th
Noon - 4:30pm
1000 Oak St
Oakland, CA 94607

We had the chance to talk with Oakland Local about the exhibit: 

On Sunday, October 20th We will be on KPFA with Pedro Reyes for Settin The Standard talking about The Tree of Life and Death. Stay tuned! 

Amor Eterno Tattoo + Art Space 
1227 18th Ave
Oakland Califas

Love is All - Kerouac