Monday, January 21, 2013

The start of a great year! Tattoos Art + Awareness

Hola Amor Eterno Tribe
Hope 2013 is being good to you!

Hella events goin' down in the next couple months.

Saturday February 9th is our first art exhibition of 2013! TRUTH 

New works by Irene Takahashi – Coker
Opening Celebration Saturday February 9th 8pm-Midnight
DJ Casper Spinin' Oldies, Street Jams + Doo Wop
Amor Eterno Tattoo + Art Space
1227 18th Ave Oakland Califas

Amor Eterno is dedicated to emerging artists. Be a witness to the artist breakthrough and watch the process flower. Takahashi-Coker is organic in its truest form, offering the viewer sharp realities in modern urban and native ancestral environments. Original photographs become graphite on paper.  Takahashi-Coker’s photo realism is skillful as it is uncomplicated. The eyes of her portraits tell truths in their gaze, capturing you by the struggle they witness. Amor Eterno will be featuring both photographs and graphite on paper. 

Artist Statement
Irene Takahashi-Coker

As a young artist, I'm not quite sure where this will take me but all I know is that it is a passion of mine. Art brings me true happiness. It is my outlet, my therapist and my teacher. I am very inspired by graffiti, portrait photography, tattoo art and other realism arts. I have always been an artist, following my mother's creative path, but have only recently started working with scientific realism still lifes and portraits. My hopes are to break free of some of the strict guidelines I've learned as a fundamental background to my art and create not only emotional pieces but statements as well while using the small details in my work to bring the picture to life. The portraits I like the most have some emotion or pain behind the eyes that tell a story and I try to stay as true to that as possible, as I see the eyes are what really make my portraits seem real. Small details like the wisp of the hair or texture on clothing also help keep the subjects true to life. I am dabbling in photography to hopefully expand my horizons and create my very own portraits from start to finish ("reflection" is my first 100% self created piece). I have recently started a tattoo apprenticeship hope to keep progressing as an artist through different medias such as graphite, photography and skin.
I want to thank Amor Eterno, Amy and Sal, for opening up their doors to help support my work. A special shout out to all my supporters, family and friends for motivating me and always showing me love and support for my artwork.


And as always our tattoo artists are killin it.... Spring appointments are starting to fill up fast! To make an appointment call Amor Eterno at 510.842.3620 or email

By Matt Klass

By Renee Castro

By Renee Castro 

By Ben Verhoek

By Ben Verhoek

By Ben Verhoek

Thanks so much for your support!
<3 Corazón
"Love is All" 
- Jack Kerouac
Amor Eterno Tattoo + Art Space
1227 18th Ave 
Oakland Califas 

Aaron Jasper, Chamuco's apprentice, learnin' the ropes